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"I tried not to reblog this I swear"

Yeah well you fucking failed. how does it feel to be a fucking failure you piece of shit

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i will never  not reblog this

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When inspiration strikes you just…you just go with it, ok?

Nina does some really weird fan art for my D&D comic.

Having said that, I have never been more sexually attracted to Chris than I am right now. Which is at all. 

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Was essentially limping away from a fight with 2 HP left. We die if our negative HP passes our CON modifier, I should make a point of mentioning. Out of three incoming attacks, I stopped one, my friend (supreme-sauteer) stopped another, and the third’s attack was unfortunately left to carry through.

I have 30 AC and only a CON modifier of 2. If that attack roll was just 1 higher, I’d be dead. 

Note to self: need more emergency survival tricks.

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the most aggravating fans are the ones that become huge fans of a villainous character but just can’t handle the fact that the villainous character does villainous things and instead said fans invent a million assbackwards headcanons about how the villain is TOTALLY not a villain at all and is some tragic blob where nothing is their fault even up to and including murder and genocide

i am just so baffled by this

If you’re NOT that kind of fan

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30 Day D&D/Pathfinder Challenge — Day 2

Favorite playable race

Humans. Definitely humans.

I don’t have as much to say as my last post but I prefer Humans for more than a couple reasons. One of those reasons is for purposes of gameplay. Humans are versatile and can generally fit into almost any class with no major problems. They are also most often the “common” race in games and don’t have any issues integrating with a setting, unless that setting is remarkably unconventional. 

Though my preference goes back before I got involved in tabletop RPGs. When MMOs ate up most of my time, especially Guild Wars 2 throughout pretty much all of 2013, I had filled the character slots with human characters. More than that, actually, I had filled the character slots with my initial character but at different points in his life, having a younger version and older versions of him.

I find that I can relate to a human character more than any other. One of the few times I got to play in another game, I was a gnome. After the two games we played I had gotten sick of being a gnome and was already in talks with the GM at the time about having him killed so I could bring in a replacement. I suppose playing a character of a different race would be easier going into it with a character idea in mind ahead of time, but that’s also true of playing any race/character, not just non-humans. 

I’ve played as a Half-Elf, but he never really had any racial identity to him, which was a bit disappointing. Then again, I was also GMing at the time so it was rather difficult to multitask running a game and giving a character proper personality. I manage to do it now and then, but it’s never quite as prominent as I’d like it to be. Such is the downside to playing in your own game.

But now I’m just getting off-track. In the end, humans are my favorite race, followed closely behind by Elves/Half-Elves.

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Favorite Fictional Heroines | Natasha Romanoff
Iron Man 2, The Avengers

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30 Day D&D/Pathfinder Challenge — Day 1

How you got started

I watched a lot of early Nostalgia Critic stuff and I remember through his videos I discovered other YouTube faces like Linkara, Spoony, and Angry Joe. Spoony quickly became a favorite of mine because of his many passionate videos about his history with D&D and it got me interested enough to buy a D&D 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide following one quick game with some of my friends from high school who played using a character creation program for 3.5e called Redblade.

At the time I obviously had no intimate experience with the game and so while the first of the games I ran were funny and enjoyable by most accounts, they were anything but D&D or Pathfinder and so there was never any sense of character progression from game to game. Every game was just us tossing a d1000 around on Redblade’s dice roller hoping for an 800+.

Following those games, I made an effort to use the 4th Edition rules I had access to in the book, unfortunately with no care or thought as to what using 3.5e characters would result, but the rules were being treated not much stricter than before so at the time it didn’t matter much. Long story short, one of us got cursed and had to complete an adventure without a leg (he got it back though) and we chopped off a drunken dwarf mercenary’s dick. I can’t remember his name, but the player’s dubbed him Stormcock.

After I got a 4th Edition rulebook I figured I’d take another whack at it, but was met with a resounding “I don’t want to actually roleplay in this roleplaying game” and the game never took off. And so for what I think was about a year later I heard someone discussing Pathfinder in our group Skype chat. He ran a tutorial module for us and then actually had us, as players, piece together two more quests and the game stopped because he didn’t want to put in any effort past that. The two games we played were enough for me to get enough of a general idea and I said “fuck it” I’ll re-run the campaign I was intending to run a year back using the site he ran his games on, Roll20, accepting that I still didn’t know all the rules and would have to learn as I went along.

Almost 6 months later and I’m still GM’ing. I haven’t really gotten the opportunity yet to be a longterm player in a Pathfinder campaign yet though.

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30 Day D&D/Pathfinder Challenge

Screw it, gonna do this. Taken straight from here:

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Moving Day at the RT office: part 1 

We are sad to leave, but so excited for what the future holds in the new building!

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oh my god if you are writing smut please do not ever EVER use the word ‘scrotum’

A resplendently moist scrotum. If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of 28 people cringing in their seats.

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